The Book of Mormon Theatre Breaks

Winner of 4 2014 Olivier Awards including Best New Musical and Best Actor In A Musical.

The biggest Broadway smash in recent memory, outrageous musical comedy The Book Of Mormon by South Park’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone and Avenue Q’s Robert Lopez has enjoyed similarly stellar success in the West End since opening in 2013.

The show bagged 4 Olivier Awards in 2014 to add to the phenomenal cache of 9 Tonys it received in 2011 for its Broadway run, and has spawned the biggest-selling cast album in 40 years.

It’s the story of young, chalk-and-cheese Mormon missionaries Elder Kevin Price and Elder Arnold Cunningham, who are sent to a poverty-stricken village in Uganda to spread the word of the Latter Day Saints.

Freaked out by culture shock and threatened by a tyrannical warlord, in their struggle to win the day they’re forced to confront their own beliefs – as well as famine, poverty and AIDS.

Satirical, irreverent, extremely rude, rather sweet and, above all, hilariously funny, The Book of Mormon gleefully skewers sacred cows including organized religion, consumerism and the musical genre itself.

Is It For Me?

If you’ve heard that Mormon is strong stuff and you’re not sure if it’s going to be your cup of tea, there’s a simple litmus test to help you decide: Do you find South Park howlingly funny or offensively crass? If it’s the latter, Mormon’s not for you. If it’s the former, book that London theatre break right this minute.

This show certainly isn’t recommended for children or the easily offended. While it’s as bouncy and breezy as a classic Broadway musical should be, and as morally righteous at heart as South Park, its satire is barbed and frequently (and splendidly) profane. If you’re OK with letting your kids watch South Park, then use your own judgment about letting them see this.

In short, if near-the-knuckle comedy and / or life-affirming, painfully funny musicals stuffed with take-home-tunes are your ‘thing’, then a trip to The Book Of Mormon is absolutely essential.

At A Glance:

  • Irreverent, hilarious satirical musical abut hapless missionaries in Uganda from the creators of South Park and Avenue Q
  • Winner of 4 Olivier and 9 Tony Awards
  • Spawned the biggest-selling theatre soundtrack album in forty years
  • Hailed by international critics as the best musical of the 21st century
  • Not recommended for children or the easily offended
Venue Address: 31 Coventry Street, London, W1D 6AS
Nearest Tube: Piccadilly Circus
Buses: (Haymarket) 3, 6, 12, 13, 19, 23, 38, 88, 139
Rail: Charing Cross
Parking: Leicester Square, Whitcomb Street (1min)
Book From: 26 Feb 2013
Book Until: 04 Apr 2015
Running Time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Age Restrictions: Not suitable for young children. Ages 17 and up.

The Book of Mormon Reviews

"I lost count of the number of times I was crying with laughter at something I knew shouldn't be laughing at really! If you’re not easily offended I cannot stress enough how much you should go and see it." Kieran, Farnham

"Brilliant show, fantastic cast and crew, laugh-out-loud funny from start to finish but definitely not for the easily offended! We would go again and agaid if we could but will settle for listening to the soundtrack instead" Lauren, Bury

"Wow, awesome show! I don't think I stopped laughing! Everyone needs to see this show! Not for the easily offended though!" Darren, Dover

"From the first scene to the last, I defy anyone not to be in stitches at various points throughout. Simply the best show in the West End at the moment" Dave, Manchester

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